A foray into the golden age of the American Yiddish theater, with songs by Sholom Secunda, Alexander Olshanetsky, Abraham Ellstein, Abe Schwartz, Ilia Trilling, Solomon Shmulevitsh, and Joseph Rumshinsky.

Audio for this program is currently unavailable.
03:05 Abe Schwarz: Di grine kusine
08:00 Sholom  Secunda: Bay mir bistu sheyn; Mayn yidishe meydle
15:20 Solomon Smulevitz: A brivele der mamen
24:00 Ilia Trilling: Du shaynst vi di zun
33:00 Alexander Olshanetsky: Nu, zug mir shoyn ven; Eyn kuk af dir; Ikh hob dikh tsufil lib
48:30 Abraham Ellstein: Abi gezunt; Mazl; Ikh zing
Audio for this program is currently unavailable.
01:45 Abraham Ellstein: Der alter tsiayner, Der nayer sher; Ikh vil es hern nokh amol
23:05  Joseph Rumshinsky: A bisl libe un a bisl glik; Dir a nikl, mir a nikl; Du bist dos likht fun mayne oygn; Es tsit, es brit; Fifty-fifty; Hamavdil; In a kleyn shtibele; Oy, is dos a meydl

*Times are approximate

About the Series: Produced in conjunction with the WFMT network and broadcast on radio stations throughout the U.S., American Jewish Music from the Milken Archive with Leonard Nimoy is a 13-part series of two-hour programs featuring highlights from the Milken Archive’s extensive collection of the musical recordings. Episodes include interviews and commentary with Lowell Milken, Neil W. Levin, and Gerard Schwarz. Radio stations interested in broadcasting the series should contact media@milkenarchive.org.

Date: December 31, 1969

Credit: Milken Family Foundation


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