1. About the music player

We have built this new music player with the hopes of bringing the extensive library of our music closer to you, our audiences. We envisioned the player to allow for continuous music while navigating the site, and to give our users the ability to bookmark the tracks they find interesting.

NOTE: The music featured on our website are all sample clips. Full tracks can be accessed via streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

2. The Playlist

If you are new to the site, and/or when you have an empty playlist, the play icon in the bottom right corner of the site will open an empty playlist panel which will also recommend a random music album from our library.

Any tracks you play or queue are added to your playlist, which is stored in your browser's local storage.

NOTE: Currently the playlists are not transferable between devices or browsers.

3. Discovering music

There are several pages where you can begin your journey of discovery: the Volumes page and the Music landing page are a great start. You can also explore the Artists, and on their profile page, you will find the links to any related albums.

You are able to play and/or queue music on the landing page of Albums and individual Works.

4. Playing and queueing tracks

Once you are on either an Album or Work landing page, you will see the table of Tracks. The right column is where the track actions are found. You are able to play a specific track by pressing the    icon. When you play a track, it will automatically be added to the bottom of your playlist. You can add as many tracks you like.

You may also queue a track, which will simply add the track to the bottom of the playlist, but will not activate the track for playing.

5. Managing tracks

Sorting tracks
Open your playlist. Click and drag the songs to sort them.

Deleting tracks
Open your playlist. Use the trash icon to remove that specific track from your playlist.

Clearing tracks
Use the clear button to reset your playlist and start from scratch.

6. Mobile experience

Due to certain autoplay restrictions in most mobile browsers, a change of the current track (eg via playing tracks, jumping to the next/previous song etc.) requires an additional tap to start playback.

7. Comments & suggestions

Do you have any comments or suggestions? Please send them to info@milkenarchive.org



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