New Perspectives on Dave Brubeck's The Gates of Justice
Music Crossing Boundaries: Jewish Music Festival at UCLA
Milken Archive Retrospective: A Look Back At Its Future
Bruce Adolphe's I Will Not Remain Silent
Jonathan Klein's Hear O Israel
Spotlight Series: Noreen Green
Spotlight Series: Ofer Ben-Amots
Spotlight Series: Theodore Bikel
Founder's Welcome
Ernest Bloch’s Sacred Service (Avodat Hakodesh)
Spotlight Series: Gerard Schwarz
Charles Davidson's A Singing of Angels
Lukas Foss: Elegy for Anne Frank
David Stock's A Little Miracle
Ernst Toch's Cantata of the Bitter Herbs
Lukas Foss's Song of Anguish
Kurt Weill's The Eternal Road
Thomas Beveridge's Yizkor Requiem
Spotlight Series: Cantor Benzion Miller
Pete Seeger and the Story of Tzena, Tzena, Tzena
Spotlight Series: Alberto Mizrahi
Landmark Recordings with the Vienna Boys Choir
Herbert Fromm's Yemenite Cycle
Joel Hoffman's Self-Portrait with Gebirtig
Herman Berlinski's Avodat Shabbat
Landmark Recordings with the BBC Singers
Darius Milhaud's Service Sacré
Marvin David Levy's Canto de los Marranos
Samuel Adler's Nuptial Scene
Ofer Ben Amots's Celestial Dialogues
Darius Milhaud's Études sur des thèmes liturgiques du Comtat Venaissin
David Amram's Songs of the Soul
Klezmer Concertos and Encores
Joseph Achron's The Golem (Suite)
Joseph Achron's Violin Concerto no. 1
The Milken Archive of American Jewish Music: An Overview
Dave Brubeck's The Gates of Justice
Jack Gottlieb's Psalmistry
Dave Brubeck's The Commandments
Great Songs of the Yiddish American Theater
David Schiff's Gimpel the Fool
Paul Schoenfield's The Merchant and the Pauper
Abraham Ellstein's The Golem
David Amram's The Final Ingredient
Conversations with Seymour Rechtzeit


Conversations with Bruce Adolphe
Charles Davidson on I Never Saw Another Butterfly
Conversations with Ben Zion Shenker
Jack Gottlieb: Early Years
Conversations with Moshe Ganchoff
Sam Adler on Hugo Adler
I never thought of myself as being an actress
The yidishe meydele
The Real Story of Bay mir bistu sheyn
Dave Brubeck: Confronting Campus Racism
Iola Brubeck: The Performer’s Experience
Dave Brubeck: Mihaud’s Views on Jazz
Dave Brubeck: Seeing Slavery’s Scar
Marvin David Levy on Masada
Thomas Beveridge on Yizkor Requiem
Issachar Miron on Klezmer Music
John Baron on Frederick Kitziger
John Baron on Louis Armstrong and the Karnofsky Family
Robert Starer on Jewish Music
Robert Starer: Complete Oral History
Leo Kraft: Proverb of Solomon
Robert Merrill: Vaudeville Days
Meyer Kupferman: The Shadows of Jerusalem
Richard Wernick: Oracle II
Joelle Wallach on From the Forest of Chimneys
Michael Shapiro: Variations on Eliahu hanavi
Herman Berlinski on From the World of my Father
Herman Berlinski on Avodat Shabbat
The Understudy
David Amram on Shir lerev shabbat
Jack Gottlieb on Set Me as a Seal
Jack Gottlieb on Three Candle Blessings
Sheila Silver: Song of Sara
Sheila Silver: To the Spirit Unconquered
Joseph Silverstein on The Man from Midian
Ben Zion Shenker on Moditzer niggunim
Ruth Schonthal on Bird Over Jerusalem
Epstein Brothers: What is Klezmer?
Marvin David Levy on Shir Shel Moshe
Bruce Adolphe on Ladino Songs of Love and Suffering
Mina Bern on Yiddish Theater's Legacy
Bruce Adolphe on Mikhoels the Wise
Ursula Mamlok on Cantata based on the 1st Psalm
David Diamond on Aḥava—Brotherhood
Yehudi Wyner on Tants un Maysele
Yehudi Wyner: Passover Offering
Yehudi Wyner on The Mirror
Yehudi Wyner on Friday Evening Service
Yehudi Wyner on Torah Service
Ralph Shapey on The Covenant
A lot of things happened in Florida
Vatch Your Step!
A nibleke mensch
Forget it Charlie!
Secunda or Rumshinsky?
War was in the air
Let Him Bring the Mumps Here!
Wir hobn gezayn (We Saw What You Did)
Seymour Rechtzeit and Miriam Kressyn: On the Avenue
Why Esther?
Samuel Adler on Herbert Fromm


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