L'kha dodi (1993 Adler Recording) 02:37
Bar'khu (1993 Adler Recording) 01:14
Ahavat olam (1993 Adler Recording) 01:55
Sh'ma (1993 Adler Recording) 01:34
V'ahavta–Mi khamokha (1993 Adler Recording) 03:34
V'shamru (1993 Adler Recording) 01:45
Hashkiveinu (1993 Adler Recording) 04:45
Y'sim'hu (1993 Adler Recording) 01:08
Sim shalom (1993 Adler Recording) 02:01
Silent Devotion/May the Words (1993 Adler Recording) 01:57
Hodo al eretz (1993 Adler Recording) 00:33
Torat adonai/Etz hayyim (1993 Adler Recording) 03:41
Y'vrekh'kha (1993 Adler Recording) 01:46
Havdala - Blessing (1993 Adler Recording) 08:04
Emunah (1993 Adler Recording) 04:28
I Will Betroth Thee (1993 Adler Recording) 02:08
A Woman of Valor (1993 Adler Recording) 01:32
El melekh yoshev (1993 Adler Recording) 02:56
Eli tzion (1993 Adler Recording) 02:09
Judah's Song of Praise (1993 Adler Recording) 02:04
Song of Hanukkah (1993 Adler Recording) 01:19
Psalm 100 02:30

Liner Notes

With the generous support of the Milken Archive of Jewish Music, I was able to record an entire album of some of my sacred and liturgical music, produced by Michael Isaacson and recorded in Rochester, New York, where I was teaching at the Eastman School of Music. I am very grateful to the three cantors who so beautifully interpreted my music, Roslyn Barak, soprano, Alberto Mizrahi, tenor and Richard Botton, baritone, as well as the great organist Barbara Harbach, who accompanied all but one of the pieces. The chorus was made up of 24 voice majors studying at the Eastman School. My daughter, Deborah, is the flutist for L'kha dodi. The only purely instrumental work on this recording is Emunah (Hope) for violin and organ, written for my wedding to Emily Freeman Brown and recorded here by the two fabulous artist who also premiered the piece at the wedding: the Israeli-American violinist Zvi Zeitlin and David Craighead, the head of the organ department at the Eastman School. The pieces included on the album span several decades, beginning in the 1950s when I served as music director of Temple Emanu-El in Dallas, Texas, to the mid-1990s when this recording was made.

By: Samuel Adler



Composer: Samuel Adler

Performers: Deborah Adler, Flute;  Samuel Adler, Conductor;  Roslyn Jhunever Barak, Cantor;  Richard Botton, Cantor;  Barbara Harbach, Organ;  Alberto Mizrahi, Cantor;  Rochester Singers


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