Viglid 02:50

Liner Notes

In Samuel Bugatch’s Viglid (Lullaby), a mother invokes the evening quietude enveloping the world and the shining stars, which, she proclaims, beckons to her child to fall asleep. She assures the child of her protection, as if to assuage any fears of falling asleep.



Poem: Avraham Cahan
Sung in Yiddish

The wind quieted down,
Evening enveloped the world,
The stars shine and beckon to you:
Sleep, sleep ...

Do not fear your fate,
I, your mother, am protecting you.
I, your mother, sing to you:
Ay-lyu-yu, ay-lyu-lyu ...

Whoever knows hardship and pain
Needs the night for rest.
Everything on the earth that breathes
Is already sleeping sweetly and undisturbed.

The birds, the flowers, and the wind doze.
You, too, rest and sleep, my child.
I will watch over your rest,
Ay-lyu-yu, ay-lyu-lyu ...

Sleep, sleep, ay-lyu-lyu ...


Poem: Avraham Cahan

s'hot dos vintl zikh geshtilt.
ovent hot di velt farhilt.
shterndlekh mit zeyer shayn
vinken di: shlof ayn, shlof ayn ...

far dayn goyrl shrek zikh nit.
ikh, dayn mame, hit dikh, hit.
ikh, dayn mame, zing dir tsu:
aylyulyu, aylyulyu ...

ver es veys fun noyt un payn,
darf di nakht a ru im zayn.
alts, vos otemt af der erd,
shlof shoyn zis un umgeshtert.

s'dremlen feygl, blum un vint,
ru un shlof du oykh, mayn kind.
ikh vel ophitn dayn ru.
aylyulyu, aylyulyu ...

shlof, shlof, aylyulyu ...



Composer: Samuel Bugatch

Length: 02:50
Genre: Art Song

Performers: Re'ut Ben-Ze'ev, Soprano;  John Musto, Piano

Date Recorded: 12/01/2001
Venue: Lefrak Concert Hall/Colden Center for the Arts (D), Flushing, New York
Engineer: Lazarus, Tom
Assistant Engineer: Frost, David
Project Manager: Schwendener, Paul

Additional Credits:

Translation: Eliyahu Mishulovin


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