Hin'ni 08:38
Hatzi kaddish 03:08
Avot 03:35
Avot (continued): zokhreinu...ata gibbor...m'khalkel hayyim...tefen b'makhon...dibrot eleh...mi khamokha av harahamim 03:58
Yimlokh adonai...el emuna 01:14
Melekh elyon 03:15
Un'taneh tokef 03:14
Un'taneh tokef, continued: Uvashofar gadol 07:33
Un'taneh tokef, continued: B'rosh hashana...ut'shuva ut'filla 10:33
Ki k'shimkha 05:11
Ein kitzva...ase l'ma'an 00:48
K'dusha 04:11
Hamol al ma'asekha...uv'khen yitkadesh...b'ein melitz yosher 02:58
V'khol ma'aminim 06:03
Tusgav l'vadekha… uv'khen ten pahd'kha; uv'khen ten kavod; uv'khen tzaddikim 03:20
V'ye'etayu 01:52
V'timlokh ata...Kadosh ata....ata v'khartanu...vatiten lanu 03:46
Umip'nei hata'einu...melekh rahaman...avinu malkenu galeh k'vod...v'karev p'zureinu 05:40

Liner Notes

 Annotated tracklisting:

  • Hin'ni - Moses J. Silverman; arr. Neil W. Levin
  • Hatzi kaddish - Joshua Lind, based on missinai motifs and other traditional sources.
  • Avot - High Holyday nusah hat'filla/minhag ashkenaz
  • Avot, cont'd - Cantorial recitation (ata gibbor, dibrot eleh), Attributed to Israel Goldfarb (m'khalkel hayyim, mi khamokha av harahamim)
  • Yimlokh adonai...el emuna - Cantorial recitation
  • Melekh elyon
  • Un'taneh tokef- Attributed to Abraham Ellstein, arranger Neil Levin; cantorial improvisation.
  • Un'taneh tokef, cont'd: Uvashofar gadol - Max Helfman
  • Un'taneh tokef, cont'd: B'rosh hashana -  Cantorial improvisation/rectiative after Moshe Ganchoff and traditional motifs ... congregational refrain: anonymous traditional congregational melody; Ut'shuva ut'filla, Louis Lewandowski
  • Ki k'shimkha - Paul Discount
  • Ein kitzva...ase l'ma'an - Cantorial recitation
  • K'dusha - Cantorial improvisation on missinai motif; congregational responses
  • Hamol al ma'asekha - Cantorial recitation (uv'khen yitkadash); Joseph Goldstein/Max Graumann (b'ein melitz yosher)
  • V'khol ma'aminim - Congregational refrains: anonymous; selected strophes: various sources; cantorial improvisations.
  • Tusgav l'vadekha... - Cantorial recitation
  • V'ye'etayu
  • V'timlokh ata... - Cantorial recitation, Zavel Zilberts k'dushat hashem (Kadosh ata), cantorial recitation (vatiten lanu)
  • Umip'nei hata'einu... - Cantorial recitative after Jacob Rappaport, arranged by S. Silbermintz and Moshe Ganchoff, attributed/after David Moshe Steinberg (avinu malkenu galeh k'vod)




Sung in Hebrew


Here I am, poor in terms of good deeds and acts, or merit, overcome and terrified with fear at being in the presence of Him who sits on the throne of Israel’s myriad praises. I have come to You, standing before You to plead on behalf of those who have sent me here as their deputy: Your people Israel. Though I understand full well that I am neither worthy nor qualified for this task, I beg of You, God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and God of Jacob, O Lord, compassionate and gracious God, God of Israel, Shaddai, almighty and terifying: Bring success, I pray, to the path that I now attempt to traverse, as I stand now and pray for mercy for myself and for those who have sent me. Condemn them not, I plead, for my own sins; do not hold them culpable for my own failings and shortcomings. For I am well aware of my own insufficiencies and transgressions. Let them, Your people, not be embarrassed by my faults. May they not be ashamed of who and what I am; nor may I be ashamed of who and what they are. Accept my prayer as if it were the petition of a venerable and aged scholar, one who has experienced life, one of impressive appearance and pleasant voice, who enjoys the confidence and respect of his fellowmen. Keep evil away and let it not disturb my thoughts nor impede my prayer. Let Your love reign; hide away our sins with a blanket of Your love. Turn all our afflictions and miseries, and those of all Israel, into joy and gladness, to life and to peace. Let us love both truth and peace, and let there be no stumbling blocks in the path of my prayers…. You are the source of blessings, who hears prayer.


May God's great name be even more exalted and sanctified in the world that He created according to His own will; and may He fully establish His kingdom in your lifetime, in your own days, and in the life of all those of the House of Israel—soon, indeed without delay. Those praying here signal assent and say amen.

May His great name be worshiped forever, for all time, for all eternity. 

Blessed, praised, glorified, exalted, elevated, adored, uplifted, and acclaimed be the name of the Holy One, blessed be He—over and beyond all the words of blessing and song, praise and consolation ever before uttered in this world. Those praying here signal assent and say amen.


You are the source of blessings, Lord, our God and God of our forefathers, God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob; great, mighty and awesome, supreme Master who bestows loving-kindness. Lord of all that exists, You remember the acts of love and grace performed by our forefathers; and You will, in love, for Your name’s own sake, bring redemption to the children’s children of those ancient fathers.

Let me open my lips in prayer and in supplication, relying if I may upon the wisdom, the learning, and the doctrines of the wise and understanding sages of old. Let me beg grace from before You, O King of kings, Lord of lords. 

(Congregation recites silently/ by itself: upad me’az l’shevet hayom….[this has been ordained as a day of reckoning….])

When today the witnesses to Your sublime existence sound their shofar blasts, O Merciful One, remember the promise of forgiveness given to Your faithful servants. Return the sword of harsh judgment to its sheath and strengthen the shield of protection for us.

Remember us leniently for life, O King who delights in life. Inscribe us in the Book of Life for Your own sake, O Living God. O King who aids, saves and shields, You are the source of blessings, protector of Abraham. 

Your might is eternal, O God. You bring eternal life to the soul. Your power to save is immense. You support and promote life with Your loving-kindness. With the greatest of mercy You revive life. You support the fallen, heal the ill, set free the captives, and keep faith with those asleep in the dust. Who is like You, O powerful Master? Who can compare with You, Sovereign who brings both life and death? It is You who causes salvation to flourish. 

(Congregation recites silently/ by itself: tefen b’makhon l’khes shevet….[from Your abode, turn to us.…]); cantorconcludes:

The Deuteronomic covenant between You, Oh, Lord and the people Israel includes the possibility of severe punishment for a rebellious people. Remember the supreme sacrifices of our ancient fathers , and be gracious to their descendants as You review the covenant.

Grant us a year of plentiful crops: dew and rain and warmth. And with “holy dew” restore life to those asleep—entombed. 

Who is like You, compassionate Father, who remembers with mercy Your creatures for life? It is You who are faithful in restoring lives. You are the source of blessings, O Lord, the restorer of life. 

The Lord will reign for all eternity – You, God, O Zion, from generation to generation. Halleluya! 

Holy One, enthroned in the midst of the praises of Israel, it is You whom we beseech. 

If, faithful One, You meted out a full measure of justice, who then could be judged innocent, Oh Holy and Compassionate One?

For Your own sake remove Your anger and displeasure from us, relate positively to us; if not, futility will overcome us and our search for ways to demonstrate our merit before You, Oh Holy One.


And thus let our proclamations of Your holiness ascend to You – for You our God, our King:

And we will tell of the powerful holiness of this day, of its awesomeness, even of the terror it evokes in us. For today Your dominion seems even more exalted. Your throne is established on a base of loving-kindness, and You occupy it with truth. For in truth You both judge and admonish – You are both witness and omniscient expert. You write and seal, count and retell – remembering all that seems forgotten. You open the Book of Records, of memorials, and the deeds of mankind speak for themselves, and the imprint of each human hand is included therein.

And the Great Shofar of judgment is sounded. And but a gentle whisper is heard – a still, small voice; and the angels, seized with fear and trembling, announce: “Behold, today is Judgment Day!” Even the hosts of heaven are remembered for judgment; even they are not immune from the processes of this day. And all humanity passes before You like a flock of sheep. Like a shepherd overseeing his sheep, moving his flock beneath his rod, so do You, God, cause all living souls to pass before You – counting, numbering each living soul, deciding the measure of every creature’s life, and inscribing Your decree. 

On Rosh Hashana it is written, and on the Fast Day of Yom Kippur it is sealed: how many shall pass on and how many shall be created; who shall live and who shall die; who shall come to a timely end and who before it; who will perish by fire and who by water; who by the sword and who by wild beast; who by starvation and who by thirst; who by earthquake and who by plague; who by strangling and who by stoning; who will have rest and who will wander; who will have tranquility and who will be harried; who will be comfortable and who tormented; who will suffer poverty and who will prosper; who will be humbled and who will be raised up.

But repentance, prayer and good deeds can remove the severe decree.

Your ineffable name is reflected in the praises offered You by Your people. You are reluctant to give in to anger – indeed, very easily pacified. Human death gives You no joy. Your satisfaction comes from the sinner’s turning from evil, so that he might live. You wait for the sinner to the day of his death, in hope of his repentant return. For, immediate reconciliation is Your constant goal. In truth, since You are mankind’s creator, You fully understand our nature and passions; we are but flesh and blood. Man’s origin is from dust, and his end is to the dust. He earns his daily bread at risk to the welfare of his soul. He is quite like clay pots that break, like grass that dries and withers, like a flower that fades, like a passing shadow, like a vanishing cloud, like a breeze that blows away, like floating dust, like a dream that flies away and is no more. 

But You are our eternal living God and King.

None can compute the sum or length of Your years; for Your existence has neither beginning nor end. Neither can anyone conceive of Your mystic glory, for Your mysterious name can but suggest Your essence. That name is nonetheless worthy of that essence, and You have linked Your name to our own.

Act for the sake of Your name, and sanctify the essence of that name in the midst of the people that call Your name holy. For the sake of the glory of that most honored and hallowed name, allow those who dwell on earth to join with those who reside above together to utilize the modes of speech of the sacred seraphim – as taught to us by Your prophet [Isaiah], who said:


“And the angels call one to another, saying, ‘Holy, holy – the Lord of the hosts is holy. The entire world is filled with His glory’.” (Isaiah vi:3.) 

His glory fills the universe. His serving angels ask one another: “Where is the place of His glory?” The other angels, those opposite them, respond: “Blessed." Blessed indeed is the glory of the Lord emanating from His abiding place. (Ezekiel iii:12)

From that abiding place may He turn to us in mercy, and be gracious to the people who with love proclaim His unity twice each day – morning and evening – saying: “Shma Yisrael – Listen, Israel! The Lord is our God. The Lord is the only God -- His unity is His essence.”

He is our God, our Father, our King, our Savior; and in His mercy He will again proclaim in the presence of all the living people: “I am the Lord, your God!” (Numbers xv:14).

Our mightiest One, Lord, our God! How glorious is Your name in all the earth. (Ps. viii:2) The Lord shall be acknowledged as reigning over all the earth: In that day all shall acknowledge that the Lord is One and His name is One. (Zechariah xiv:9). It is written in sacred scripture: The Lord shall reign for eternity, your God, O Zion, from generation to generation. Halleluya! (Ps. 146:10). 

Each generation will tell to the next the story of Your greatness, and we will sanctify Your name from eternity to eternity. Your praises, our God, will never be far from our lips, for You continue to be our great and holy King. 

Have mercy on Your creatures, take joy in Your works. When You clear Your burdened ones, they who have trusted in You will proclaim: “Be sanctified, Lord, in the midst of all Your works.” For You have hallowed with Your own sanctity those who hallow You, and the praise of holy people is surely pleasing to their holy God.

And thus, may Your name be sanctified, O Lord our God, among Israel Your people; in Jerusalem, Your city; and in Zion, the sanctuary of Your glory; within the royal house of David, Your anointed one; and in Your great and holy Sanctified shrine. For our sake, O Lord, remember still the love of Abraham, our heroic ancestor; and remember, too, Isaac his son, who was bound on the altar as a willing sacrifice, and rid us of our foes for his sake; and, remembering the merit of our father, Jacob, who was completely human, let our case come before You, Awesome One, and be decided to our merit and benefit; for this day is holy for You, our God. When there is none to plead our cause against the words of the accuser, Lord may You speak for Jacob (Israel) in matters of law and justice and justify our claims in this judgment – O King of judgment. 

All the dimensions of justice are in God’s hands.

And all believers affirm that He is a faithful God who tests and examines the most hidden of secrets.

And all believers affirm that He looks into the innermost recesses of human Consciousness; He redeems from death and rescues from the grave.

And all believers affirm that He is the mighty Redeemer, the one, the peerless and exclusive Judge of all who walk the earth.

And all believers affirm that He is the true judge, whose essence is truth and whose very name reflects His eternity

And all believers affirm that He was, and is, and forever will be; the positive essence of His name is reflected in His people’s praise.

And all believers affirm that his existence bears no comparing; He remembers with love those who recall His divine acts of love.

And all believers affirm that He remembers the covenant; He apportions life to all who live.

And all believers affirm that He lives eternally; He is good, and does good for both the wicked as well as the upright.

And all believers affirm that He is omnipotent; He dwells in the shadow of secrecy, the Almighty God.

Only Your loftiness will be as exalted, and only You will reign over the entire universe. As Your prophet wrote: “And the Lord shall reign over all the Earth; on that day it will be recognized by all who live that the Lord is one and His name one.” 

Therefore, oh Lord our God, let reverence for You permeate all of the world, and all that You’ve made feel the awe of Your presence. All of creation will bow before You in reverence. All beings will then understand the implications of the words “fear of God." Then, all together, they can establish a brotherhood to do Your will with a perfect heart. For we know, Lord, our God, that all dominion is Yours, strength resides in Your hand, and power in Your right arm, and that Your name is awesome above all that You have created. 

Therefore, oh Lord, grant honor to Your people, glory to those who revere You, confidence to those who search for You, articulate tongues to those who yearn for You; joy to Your land, happiness to Your special city, a growth in strength to the seed of David, Your servant, and bright light to the son of Jesse, Your anointed one—all of this, if it please You, speedily, in our own day. 

Therefore, the just shall see and be joyful, the righteous will be glad, and the pious will sing in celebration. The very mouth of iniquity will be shut down, and all wickedness will vanish like smoke,—all of this, when You remove all rule of tyranny from this earth.

All peoples of the world will come to serve You, and will bless Your honored name, as the fame and glory of Your righteousness is proclaimed even from distant islands.

The nations who do as yet not know You will strive diligently for the enlightenment needed to find You, and having succeeded, will praise You from the far corners of the of the earth, singing, “May God’s glory be magnified and sanctified forever.”

They will offer You their sacrifices, abandoning their idols and burying their graven images.

They will stand shoulder to shoulder to serve You, while those still searching for Your countenance will, at the rising of the sun, stand in awe of You as they begin to understand the power of Your kingdom.

Even those who stray will soon be made to know and understand— and all humanity will attest to Your power, and elevate Your throne on high, and exalt You above all; with reverence they will adorn You with a royal crown.

The mountains will burst into song, and the islands celebrate Your reign. All will accept the yoke of Your kingdom and will extol You in the presence of their gatherings. Those in far out places will hear, and will come to You, offering You a royal crown.

You alone will reign over all Your creatures, on Mount Zion, the sanctuary of Your glory, and in Jerusalem Your sanctified city, as it is written in Holy Scripture: “The Lord shall reign forever, your God, oh Zion for all generations; Hallelujah!”

You are holy—Your name is awesome; there is no other God beside You; as it is written; “The Lord of Hosts is exalted through justice, and the God of holiness is sanctified through righteousness." You are the source of blessings. Oh Lord, the holy King. 

You have chosen us from among all the nations, loved us, favored us, distinguished us from those who speak other languages. And You have sanctified us by the gift of Your commandments. You have brought us closer, oh our King to Your service, and bonded Your great and holy name to us. 

With love, You gave to us, oh Lord our God, this Day of Remembrance, this day for the sounding of the shofar, a day for holy assembly, in remembrance of our exodus from Egypt. 

Because of our transgressions, we were exiled from our land—expelled from our homeland. Thus, we have been unable to fulfill ancient duties required of us in Your holy temple in days of old, in that great and holy house which was bonded to Your name. We cannot observe those sacrificial rites, for a ruthless hand was directed to destroy Your holy sanctuary. 

May it be Your will, oh Lord our God and God of our fathers, merciful King, that You see fit to return and have mercy upon us and upon Your sanctuary. Exerting again Your great compassion, rebuild it soon, and make its grandeur even more manifest in the world.

Our Father, our King, speedily reveal the glory of Your kingdom to us. Come to us; let us exalt You in the sight of all that live. Bring near our scattered exiles from among the foreign nations, our dispersed ones from the far corners of the earth. Bring us in joy to Zion, Your city, and in eternal happiness to Jerusalem the home of Your sanctuary. There we will bring to You again the offerings prescribed in Scripture for this Day of Remembrance:



Composer: Various
Length: 08:38
Genre: Liturgical

Performers: Neil Levin, Conductor;  Alberto Mizrahi, Cantor;  New York Cantorial Choir

Additional Credits:

Translation from the Hebrew by Rabbi Morton M. Leifman (edited by Eli Mishulovin and Neil Levin).


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