Ribbon ha'olamim 12:46

Liner Notes

Ribbon ha’olamim is among Israel Schorr’s well-known pieces for cantorial concert rendition, and it has long been part of the standard virtuoso cantorial repertoire.



Sung in Hebrew

Lord eternal, You commanded us to offer the daily sacrifice at its prescribed time, with members of the priestly clan officiating, with Levites chanting from their assigned platforms, and with representatives of the people Israel in attendance. Now, though, because of our sins, the holy temple (in Jerusalem) is destroyed, the daily sacrifice abolished. We no longer have a priest to officiate, a Levite to chant from his platform, nor a representative of the people to present himself before You. But You indeed have taught us that the prayers of our lips can supplant the sacrifice of animals. Therefore, may it be Your will, O Lord our God and God of our fathers, that the prayers from our lips be as significant, desirable, and acceptable to You as if we had sacrificed a daily offering at its prescribed time and had appeared before Your presence as the properly appointed representatives of Your people.



Composer: Israel Schorr

Length: 12:46
Genre: Liturgical

Performers: Barcelona Symphony-National Orchestra of CataloniaElli Jaffe, Conductor;  Benzion Miller, Cantor

Date Recorded: 05/01/2000
Venue: Centre Cultural de Sant Cugat (A), Barcelona, Spain
Engineer: Kornacher, Bertram
Assistant Engineer: Weir, Simon
Project Manager: Schwendener, Paul

Additional Credits:

Orchestrator and arranger: Elli Jaffe
Translation by Rabbi Morton M. Leifman


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