Amnam ken 05:02

Liner Notes

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Ay, 'tis thus: We are in bond due to our evil.
By Your grace, efface guilt and respond: "I HAVE FORGIVEN!"

Cast scorn over and abhor the informer's word.
Dear God, deign to make heard this refrain: "I HAVE FORGIVEN!"

Instead, give ear to the one who intercedes for us,
Favoring us and him, answer us, King, when he pleads: "I HAVE FORGIVEN!"

Grant also the "Lily blow" [Song of Songs] in Abram's right.
Real our shame and proclaim for Your height: "I HAVE FORGIVEN!"

Just, forgiving, and merciful One, condone our sin.
List out cry and reply loudly from Your throne: "I HAVE FORGIVEN!"

Heal my wound, conceal deeply our stain.
Now gain our praise by Your phrase, "For My sake" — "I HAVE FORGIVEN!"

O, forgive! Your sons live reft from You.
Praised for Your grace, turn Your face to throse left: "I HAVE FORGIVEN!"

Raise this, my plea, to You, accept my prayer.
Unmake our sin for Your sake and declare: "I HAVE FORGIVEN!"

Tears of regret, witness them in place of our sin.
Uplift our trust from the dust to Your face: "I HAVE FORGIVEN!"

Voice for ours that sighs, our tear-filled eyes — do not spurn these.
Weigh [our deeds and thoughts] and give pause for me to plead my cause, and return with: "I HAVE FORGIVEN!"

Yea, as has been foretold, roll off the impure clouds.
Zion's folk, may they be free of the yoke [of sin]: Assure us: "I HAVE FORGIVEN!"



Composer: Steve Barnett
Length: 05:02
Genre: Liturgical

Performers: Samuel Adler, Conductor;  Aaron Miller, Organ;  New York Cantorial Choir

Date Recorded: 01/01/1999
Venue: Riverside Church (D), New York, New York
Engineer: Lazarus, Tom
Assistant Engineer: Frost, David
Project Manager: Lee, Richard

Additional Credits:

 Publisher: Transcontinental


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