In November 2013, Milken Archive artistic director Neil Levin met with Julian and Gerard Schwarz to discuss the origins of the Kol nidre, Max Bruch, and Julian’s ever-changing relationship with the piece. The fruits of that conversation have been excerpted, edited, and combined with musical examples in this podcast that explores how a centuries-old melody has persevered.

This podcast contains excerpts from the following recordings: 

Max Bruch’s Kol Nidre, performed by Julian Schwarz and Joseph Adam (see here)

Isaac Nathan/Lord Byron: A Selection of Hebrew Melodies, Ancient and Modern (available at:

Kol nidre, arrangement by Sholom Secunda, featuring Richard Tucker (see here)

Kol Nidre by Benjamin Koppel (featuring Uri Caine; see:

Kol Nidre Goes East by Nicolas Jolliet (see:

Date: November 05, 2013

Credit: Milken Family Foundation


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