Di umru 03:58

Liner Notes

In Di umru (Unrest), to a poem by Moshe Leib Halpern (1886–1932), Lamkoff illuminates musically the deep longing of one of the objects of his romantic love. The longing has become continuous turmoil, or “unrest,” of his soul.



Poem: Moshe-Leib Halpren
Sung in Yiddish

Who can fathom the beauty of the sea?
Who can gaze upon the luster of your eyes
And not have his heart rent from joy?
And not have his heart rent from pain?
You, you source of my unrest, you.

Why do I long so for you? O tell me!
A night or day doesn’t pass …
And I think only of you, and I dream only of you—
Of you, of you, you my life, you the heart in me,
You, you my unrest, you.

Poem: Moshe-Leib Halpren

ver ken di sheynkayt fun a yam farshteyn?
ver ken di shayn fun dayne oygn zen
un nit tserisn vern zol zayn harts far freyd.
un nit tserisn vern zol zayn harts far layd,
du, du, umru mayne, du.

farvos benk ikh azoy nokh dir, o zog,
es geyt dokh nit avek a nakht, a tog,
un nor ikh trakht fun dir, un nor ikh troym fun dir—
fun dir, fun dir, du lebn mayns, du harts in mir,
du, du, umru mayne, du.




Composer: Paul Lamkoff

Length: 03:58
Genre: Art Song

Performers: Re'ut Ben-Ze'ev, Soprano;  John Musto, Piano

Date Recorded: 12/01/2001
Venue: Lefrak Concert Hall/Colden Center for the Arts (D), Flushing, New York
Engineer: Lazarus, Tom
Assistant Engineer: Frost, David
Project Manager: Schwendener, Paul

Additional Credits:

Translation: Eliyahu Mishulovin


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