L'kha dodi 03:20
Lighting the Sabbath Candles 03:43
Bar'khu 01:42
Sh'ma yisra'el - V'ahav'ta 02:36
Mi khamokha 01:42
V'sham'ru 03:19
Yis'mḥu 03:04
May the Words 03:46
Edge of Freedom — Sermon 04:27
Shiru l'adonai — Anthem 03:09
Kiddush 04:20
Adoration (on a theme by Ernest Bloch) 02:24
Adon olam 01:36

Liner Notes

Raymond and David Smolover’s Reform Sabbath eve service, Edge of Freedom, was born of the so-called folk-rock trends of the 1960s and 1970s and was intended for performance primarily by teenage choirs or singing groups. 

In explaining the motivation behind this service, Cantor Smolover wrote as a preface: 

“SHIRU LADONAI…Sing Unto the Lord a New Song.” 

I realized that we had been asking our children to accept our God and the God of our fathers, and what He sounds like. I realized after almost twenty years of teaching them the sound of my God, that I must listen to the sound of theirs. I dared enter their world aware that I may be respectfully tolerated, amusingly indulged or murmuringly ignored. They welcome me. 

It may be that the Folk/Rock service is not completely their sound nor my own. It may be what happened when their God met mine. 

For a time this service was a popular Sabbath expression at summer camps sponsored by the National Federation of Temple Youth of the Reform Movement (NFTY). Appropriately, it was recorded by an ensemble drawn from its members, the NFTY Levites, together with Cantor Smolover. 

By: Neil W. Levin



Composer: David Smolover Composer: Raymond Smolover

Length: 39:24
Genre: Liturgical

Performers: Joel Feinberg, Bass Guitar;  Luis Hemsly, Guitar;  Katherine Karlsrud, Harp;  Michael Mark, Clarinet;  Lynn Ockner, Flute;  David Schubert, Guitar;  David Smolover, Guitar;  Raymond Smolover, Cantor;  Richard Spitalny, Drums;  The NFTY Levites

Date Recorded: 01/01/1968
Venue: Regent Sound Studios, New York City, New York
Assistant Engineer: Sherman, Garry
Co-Producer: Kahan, Stanley


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