Adon olam 02:25


Sung in Hebrew
Words: Liturgy

The Lord of all did reign supreme
Ere yet this world was made and formed.
When all was finished by His will,
Then was His name as King proclaimed.

And one is He, and none there is
To be compared or joined to Him.
He ne'er began, and ne'er will end,
To Him belongs dominion's power.

He is my God, my living God;
To Him I flee when tried in grief;
My banner high, my refuge strong,
Who hears and answers when I call.

My spirit I commit to Him,
My body, too, and all I prize,
Both when I sleep and when I wake;
He is with me, I shall not fear.



Composer: Gustave Cohen

Length: 02:24
Genre: Liturgical

Performers: Carolina Chamber ChoraleMargery Dodds, Organ;  Timothy Koch, Conductor

Date Recorded: 06/01/2001
Venue: New Tabernacle Baptist Fourth Church (B), Charleston, North Carolina
Engineer: Rapley, Rob
Assistant Engineer: Aronczyk, Amanda
Assistant Engineer: Frost, David
Project Manager: Lee, Richard

Additional Credits:

Translation: Merzbacher 1855


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