Prophetic Tropes 12:33

Liner Notes

Like his Cantillations, Ofer Ben-Amots’s Prophetic Tropes, for trombone (or bass trombone) and piano, explores and exploits biblical cantillation patterns and other elements from various traditions—this time those in connection with the prophetic readings (the haftara). Individual tropes (ta’amei hamikra), as motives or motivic cells, are tied in various combinations to form a long melodic phrase reflecting the voice of a biblical prophet—conveying both fury and assurance. A middle section features a solo trombone cadenza that spans the entire dynamic range of the instrument and builds to a frenzied climax. This section is followed by a reflective return of the long melodic phrase of the opening section, culminating in a final fortissimo outburst. 

Prophetic Tropes was written in 1989 and extensively revised ten years later. The composer describes it as “a stern and dramatic piece, featuring declamatory trombone phrases and extensive piano-interior work.” 

By: Neil W. Levin



Composer: Ofer Ben-Amots

Length: 12:33
Genre: Chamber

Performers: Susan Grace, Piano;  Jeremy Van Hoy, Bass Trombone

Additional Credits:

Publisher: The Composer's Own Press


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