Du shaynst vi di zun 06:33

Liner Notes

Ilia Trilling’s Du shaynst vi di zun (You Shine Like the Sun), with lyrics by Isidore Lillian, was one of the many musical numbers from the 1941 production, Leb un lakh (Live and Laugh)—an elaborate musical spectacle on Second Avenue that featured some of the most famous actors and singers of the day. (See the program notes to Mit dir in eynem, another duet from that show.)

By: Neil W. Levin



Lyrics by Isidore Lillian

Day and night I think of you,
and I am happy when I hear from you.
Why is there a fire burning in my heart?
Why are you so dear to me?

I love to hear your sweet words,
for what you say brings me happiness.
From the day I first caught sight of you,
I fell in love with you.

Darling dear, tell me, am I this precious to you?
Do you feel that your destiny is only with me?
I gave my heart to you
when you sang to me:

“You shine like the sun
and you glow like the moon.
Your eyes are like the stars
that shine from heaven.

Without you,
my life is in peril.
At the first sight of you,
my heart jumps for joy.

When you are here, it’s day;
when you are gone, it’s night.
You have brought me
heaven on earth.

You shine like the sun
and you glow like the moon.
I truly love you.
This I swear to you by them [the sun and the moon].

Lyrics by Isidore Lillian

say tog, say nakht, denk ikh un kler fun dir
un ikh bin gliklekh ven ikh her fun dir.
farvos brent in mayn harts a fayer?
farvos bistu mir azoy tayer?

ikh glaykh tsu hern dayne sheyne reyd,
vayl vos du zogst mir dos farshaft mir freyd.
dem tog ven ikh hob dikh derzen
bin ikh farlibt in dir geven.

darling dear,zog, hob ikh dikh di vert?
filst du az du bist nor mir bashert?
kh’hob mayn harts gegebn dir
ven du host gezogt tsu mir

“du shaynst vi di zun—
un du laykhst vi di levone.
dayne oygn vi di shtern
fun dem himl laykhtn zey.

un on dir tsu zayn
iz mayn lebn in sakone.
ven kh’derze dikh
git mayn harts zikh a derfrey.

ven du bist do, iz tog;
ven du bist nito, iz nakht.
dem himl af der erd
hostu mir aropgebrakht.

du shaynst vi di zun,
un du laykhst vi di levone.
kh’hob dikh emes lib,
dos shver ikh dir bay zey.”



Composer: Ilia Trilling

Length: 06:33
Genre: Yiddish Theater

Performers: Robert Bloch, Tenor;  Elli Jaffe, Conductor;  Nell Snaidas, Soprano;  Vienna Chamber Orchestra

Date Recorded: 05/01/2001
Venue: Sofiensaele, Vienna, Austria
Engineer: Hughes, Campbell
Assistant Engineer: Weir, Simon
Project Manager: Schwendener, Paul

Additional Credits:

Publisher: Music Sales Corp.
Arranger/Orchestrator: Frank Bennett
Yiddish Translations/Transliterations: Eliyahu Mishulovin & Adam J. Levitin
 Arrangement © Milken Family Foundation


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