Raḥem no 06:41

Liner Notes

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Have mercy, please, Adonai, our God, on Israel Your people; on Jerusalem, Your city, on Zion, the resting place of Your Glory; on the monarchy of the house of David, Your anointed; and on the great and holy House upon which Your Name is called.  Our God, our Father --- tend us, nourish us, sustain us, support us, relieve us; Adonai, our God, grant us speedy relief from all our troubles. Please, make us not needful – Adonai, our God - of the gifts of human hands nor of their loans, but only of Your Hand that is full, open, holy, and generous, that we not feel inner shame nor be humiliated for ever and ever.



Composer: Joshua Lind

Length: 06:41
Genre: Liturgical

Performers: Richard Boldrey, Piano;  Alberto Mizrahi, Cantor

Additional Credits:

Publisher: Dale Lind

Translation: Art Scroll Weekly Siddur


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