Hashkivenu 04:39
Tov l'hodot 05:35
Adon olom 03:25
Kiddush 03:49


Sung in Hebrew

TOV L'HODOT  (Psalm 92)

It is good to give thanks to the Lord, and to sing praises to Your name, Most High One,
To tell of Your kindness in the morning, to tell of Your faithfulness each night.
With a ten-stringed instrument and a nevel, with sacred thoughts sounded on the kinor.
For You, Lord, have brought me much gladness with Your works.
Let me revel in Your handiwork.
How great are Your works, Lord!
Your thoughts are indeed profound.
The ignorant do not know of this, nor can fools understand this: that though the wicked may spring up like grass;
And though evildoers may flourish, they do so only eventually to be destroyed forever.
But You, Lord, are to be exalted forever.
Here are Your enemies; Your enemies shall perish; the workers of evil shall be scattered.
You have elevated me to a place of high distinction, like the wild ox of old.
I am anointed with fresh and fragrant oil.
I have already seen the defeat of my foes;
I have already heard of the doom of the evil who plot and rise against me.
The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree, growing mighty as a cedar in Lebanon.
Planted in the Lord’s house, they shall flourish in the courtyard of our God.
They shall bear fruit even in old age, and be full of life’s vigor and freshness –
To declare that the Lord is upright and just, my Rock in Whom there is no unrighteousness.

Translation: JPS Tanakh              


Cause us, O Lord, our God, to retire for the evening in peace
and then again to arise unto life, O our King,
and spread Your canopy of peace over us.
Direct us with Your counsel and save us
for the sake of Your name. Be a shield around us.
Remove from our midst all enemies, plague, sword,
violence, famine, hunger, and sorrow.
And also remove evil temptation from all around us,
sheltering us in the shadow of your protecting wings.
For indeed You are a gracious and compassionate King.
Guard our going and coming, for life and in peace,
from now on and always. Spread over us
the sheltering canopy of Your peace.
Praised be You, O Lord,
who spreads the canopy of peace over us
and over all Your people Israel, and over all Jerusalem.

Translation: Rabbi Morton M. Leifman 


You are worshipped, Adonai, our God, King of the universe, source of blessings, who has sanctified us through His commandments and has taken delight in us. Out of love and with favor You have given us the Holy Sabbath as a heritage, in remembrance of Your creation. For that first of our sacred days recalls our exodus and liberation from Egypt. You chose us from among all Your peoples, and in Your love and favor made us holy by giving us the Holy Sabbath as a joyous heritage. Praised are You, O Lord, our God, who hallows the Sabbath. Amen.

Translation: Rabbi Morton M. Leifman  


Lord of the world, who reigned even before form was created,
At the time when His will brought everything into existence,
Then His name was proclaimed King.
And even should existence itself come to an end,
He, the Awesome One, would still reign alone.
He was, He is, He shall always remain in splendor throughout eternity.
He is "One"—there is no second or other to be compared with Him.
He is without beginning and without end;
All power and dominion are His.
He is my God and my ever living redeemer,
And the rock upon whom I rely in time of distress and sorrow.
He is my banner and my refuge,
The "portion in my cup"—my cup of life
Whenever I call to Him.
I entrust my spirit unto His hand,
As I go to sleep and as I awake;
And my body will remain with my spirit.
The Lord is with me: I fear not.

Translation: Rabbi Morton M. Leifman




Composer: Adolph Katchko

Length: 17:42
Genre: Liturgical

Performers: Raphael Frieder, Cantor;  Neil Levin, Conductor;  New York Cantorial ChoirMcNeil Robinson, Organ

Date Recorded: 02/01/2001
Venue: Riverside Church (A), New York
Engineer: Robert Rapley (Recording), Dirk Sobotka (Editing)
Assistant Engineer: Nunes, Michelle
Assistant Engineer: Frost, David
Project Manager: Levin, Neil

Additional Credits:

 Publisher: Bloch Publishing


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