Sephardi Kiddush 02:55

Liner Notes

Not an original composition, Richard Neumann’s Sephardi Kiddush is an artistic arrangement of a traditional eastern or Mediterranean Sephardi musical version for this prayer text, which is recited just prior to the Sabbath evening meal over a cup of wine to acknowledge God’s gift of the holy day and His designation of Jews as a “holy people.” (The text differs in the kiddush for Festivals and the High Holy Days.) Neumann has retained the distinct modality of this chant and the customary vocal ornamentation, and he has reinforced its character with a subtly crafted flute part.



Sung in Hebrew

Praised be You, O Lord, our God, King of the universe, who has sanctified us through His commandments and has taken delight in us. Out of love and with favor You have given us the Holy Sabbath as a heritage, in remembrance of Your creation. For that first of our sacred days recalls our exodus and liberation from Egypt. You chose us from among all Your peoples, and in Your love and favor made us holy by giving us the Holy Sabbath as a joyous heritage. Praised are You, O Lord, our God, who hallows the Sabbath.



arranger: Richard Neumann Composer: Traditional
Length: 02:55
Genre: Liturgical

Performers: Adi Menczel, Flute;  Alberto Mizrahi, Cantor

Date Recorded: 11/01/1999
Venue: Lefrak Concert Hall/Colden Center for the Arts (F), Flushing, New York
Engineer: Lazarus, Tom
Assistant Engineer: Frost, David
Project Manager: Lee, Richard

Additional Credits:

Translation: M M L


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