Milken Archive of Jewish Music Unveils New Interactive Multimedia Experience

September 13, 2016
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The Milken Archive of Jewish Music: The American Experience has launched an ambitious new website ( that allows visitors to seamlessly experience virtually every piece of music and every composer that the Archive has recorded since its founding in 1990.

“This new site is a vast repository of a musical culture that has continually redefined and reinvented itself as it has responded to the opportunities and challenges of life in a land of freedom,” according to Milken Archive Curator Jeff Janeczko. The new mobile-friendly platform offers a rich experience on a variety of devices to accommodate the diverse needs of Milken Archive’s audiences. The extensive collection, which includes more than 600 works comprising 1,800 individual tracks, 200 composers, and 800 hours of oral histories, is organized into webpages that contain links to all of the available related media content collected and created in the course of the Archive’s historic work.

From documentary videos and photographs to extended oral histories and articles, each page exists within the context of the cultural and historical narratives that have defined Jewish life in America for the past three-and-a-half centuries.

In celebration of the new site, a digital anthology of 20 diverse works is available free to all individuals who sign up at our website. Ten winners will also receive five albums of their choice; five winners will choose ten albums. A grand prize winner, chosen at random, will have unprecedented access to all 1,800-plus tracks contained within the Archive’s 20 thematic volumes. The deadline to sign up for the free album and contest is September 26th.

Since its creation by philanthropist-businessman Lowell Milken, the Milken Archive has achieved a reputation that extends internationally. The 50 CDs released by Naxos American Classics between 2003 and 2006 gained widespread recognition including Grammy and ASCAP awards, and the nationally broadcast radio series hosted by Leonard Nimoy has introduced the Archive to listeners from Los Angeles to Chicago, and from Cripple Creek, Colorado, to Dodge City, Kansas.

“The Milken Archive of Jewish Music is a living project, one that we hope will cultivate and nourish musicians and enthusiasts of this richly varied musical genre,” says Lowell Milken. “The sacred and secular body of work that has developed over the centuries since Jews first arrived on these shores provides a powerful means of expressing the multilayered saga of American Jewry.”

Check out this infographic to get the full picture of what the website holds.

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Milken Archive repertoire on the free two-album anthology includes:


1.     Ikh Bin a 'Boarder' Bay Mayn Vayb (I'm a Boarder at My Wife's) - Rubin Doctor
2.       Celestial Dialogues: IV. Adonai melekh (The Lord is King) - Ofer Ben-Amots
3.     L'kha Dodi (Welcome, Sabbath Bride) - Aaron Bensoussan
4.     Eshet ḥayil - Benzion Shenker (arr. Stanley Sperber)

5.     Hear O Israel: IV. Sh’ma - Jonathan Klein
6.     Violin Concerto in C Minor, "Nushkaoth" - Sholom Secunda
7.     Two Hannah Szenesh Poems: II. Ashrei Ha-garfur - Max Helfman
8.     Amar Rabbi, Elazar - Moishe Oysher
9.     Stempenyu Suite: III. Freilechs - Joseph Achron
10.    Di Naye Hagode: Riboyne-sheloylem (Master of the Universe) - Max Helfman


1.     Mayn Rue Platz (My Resting Place) - Anonymous (arr. R. Williams)
2.     Canticles for Jerusalem - Vivian Fine

3.     Kol nidrei, Op. 47 - Max Bruch

4.     KI K'SHIMKHA - Paul Discount

5.     Shofar Service: I. Malkhuyyot - Herman Berlinski
6.     Genesis Suite: IV. Cain and Abel - Darius Milhaud
7.     The Day of Rest - Sholom Kalib

8.     Aleikhem Eda K'Dosha - Traditional

9.     Akavya ben mahal'el omer - Lazar Weiner

10.    The Merchant and the Pauper, Act II, Scene 4 (excerpt) - Paul Schoenfield

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