Will Yiddish Theater Ever Die? (Our New Virtual Tour)

April 28, 2020

Yiddish theater, with its offshoots into radio, TV and film, was the most popular American Jewish cultural staple for half a century, telling the stories of the old world and mirroring the realities of the present world in which so many émigrés found themselves.

Yet, when the Archive's work began, we discovered that not a single Yiddish theater orchestration could be found that survived intact. Knowing the importance of this music, we embarked on three years of research to recreate these lost gems as faithfully as possible.

Today, we're launching a virtual tour of our Yiddish theater collection, including documentary videos with some of its greatest stars, videos of performances and, of course, the music itself.

Discover the history, the artists, the artistry, and the legacy of a genre born in Europe but made in America.

Take the Yiddish Theater Virtual Tour »

Happy Yom Ha'atzmaut!

Israel's Independence Day begins tonight (Tuesday, April 28th).

Just as Yiddish theater was waning, a new Jewish identity began to form. The founding of the modern state of Israel played a significant role in shaping Jewish identity and culture in America and around the world.

Celebrate by streaming our In Celebration of Israel album, beginning with Kurt Weill's Hatikvah and concluding with Yiddish theater great Sholom Secunda's Yom b'kibbutz (A Day on a Kibbutz).

About the Album »

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