What is a "Jewish" Symphony? - New Virtual Exhibit

January 08, 2019

Part two of our multi-part virtual exhibit "Symphonic Music of Jewish Experience" is now live—picking up with a focus on Jewish symphonies. (Part 1: Concertos can still be viewed here.)

Join us as we explore nine works by eight composers attempting to answer what it means for music to be Jewish, and what inspired them to create symphonies that answer the question.

Featuring works by:

Jan Meyerowitz
Sheila Silver
Leonard Bernstein
Abraham Kaplan
Hugo Weisgall
David Amram
Samuel Adler
Benjamin Lees

Each has his or her own approach to creating the music, drawing from different sources and different perspectives on literature, liturgy, spirituality and identity. Together, they showcase a tapestry of sound that is unique to the Jewish experience in America and around the world.


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