Welcoming the Stranger This Passover - With Generosity and Music (and Tovah!)

March 30, 2022

The theme of “welcoming the stranger” is central in the observance and celebration of Passover. This year, the tradition has newfound resonance, even as it hearkens back to the time when the Jewish people were slaves in Egypt and then wandered the desert looking for a place to call home.

Today, there is a refugee crisis the likes of which hasn’t been seen since World War II. Millions of innocent Ukrainians of all faiths have fled their homes seeking refuge from an unjustified attack on their country and way of life. Women, children and the elderly are leaving behind their homes, possessions and loved ones, unsure where the journey will take them and when they might return.

One of the beautiful aspects of Passover is the reminder that we are all connected to each other—that in our own lives and histories we have the capacity to relate to tragedies that befall others.

Enter the Passover Giveaway

This year, as part of our Passover Giveaway, we will be making a donation to HIAS for $1,018 in the name of the grand prize winner, along with musical prizes for five additional winners.

    • Grand Prize (1 winner)
      • A donation of $1,018 to HIAS in your honor
      • 3 albums of your choice from the Milken Archive collection
      • A personal Passover greeting from Tovah Feldshuh!
    • Second Prizes (5 winners)
      • 3 albums of your choice from the Milken Archive collection

*This promotion is no longer active*

Winners will be drawn at random and announced Tuesday, April 12, 2022.

As we watch unfolding events, it is easy to feel disconnected and powerless. But we are not. Fortunately, there are organizations like HIAS—whose roots in helping Jewish families from the Former Soviet Union escape and resettle around the world—can now spring into action with our support.

We invite you to enter the giveaway and consider donating as well, if you feel moved to do so. You can learn more about HIAS's work on their website.

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