Celebrating American Jewish Heritage (and Ours)

May 27, 2020

May is Jewish American Heritage month, a subject we celebrate year-round at the Milken Archive. Although the month is nearly over, it's always a good time to explore the ways that Jewish people have maintained their heritage and contributed to the greater American culture.

Exploring the Milken Archive collection—which includes roughly 600 works, 800 hours of oral histories, nearly 50,000 photographs, and countless hours of documentary and performance footage—might seem an intimidating task. Which is precisely why our curator created a "Getting Started" guide and two-album anthology.

Organized around the 20 themed volumes of the collection and featuring videos, photos and, of course, music, the guide is an accessible way to familiarize oneself with the breadth of genres and artists included in the Archive.

It's also a great way to begin exploring the narratives and heritage of Jewish life in America manifested through music.

Explore the Music of Jewish Heritage in America »

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