30 Years Recording History - Interviews and Your Thoughts

March 11, 2020

30 Years Recording History

The Milken Archive began as a relatively modest endeavor in 1990, aiming to preserve a handful of liturgical and concert works comprising ten or fifteen albums. Today, the Milken Archive encompasses more than 600 works by 200 composers and crosses genres ranging from folk and Yiddish theater to classical music and jazz.

We’ve assembled our many milestones, from the project’s inception to present day, into a new way of exploring the Milken Archive's history (and where we're headed), in our new interactive timeline.

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Kevin Deas Feels the Soulfulness of Sacred Jewish Music

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As part of the year-long celebration of our 30th anniversary, we are reaching out to some of the artists who contributed their talents to our recordings and to the world of Jewish music as a whole. We're asking them how their lives, careers and views on the music world have grown since their initial participation, and we're sharing their stories with Jewish music fans like you.

Our first interview is with world-renowned bass baritone Kevin Deas. Kevin participated in the recording of one of our most popular and monumental works, Dave Brubeck's The Gates of Justice. How does working on a piece like this impact an artist? And how does he feel as a non-Jewish African American singing Jewish sacred music?

Read all about Kevin's experience and subsequent successes and listen to his music in the Milken Archive collection.

Interview with Kevin Deas »

Sharing Your Stories

The Milken Archive of Jewish Music is not a private collection stored in a vault. Our mission is more than the preservation of a rich musical legacy… it is to share this art and culture with the world. So we’re inviting YOU to participate in our 30th Anniversary celebration.

What does Jewish music and the work of the Milken Archive mean to you? Share your thoughts and stories through the form below and we might feature your story as part of this celebration.

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