podcast Lowell Milken, founder of the Milken Archive of Jewish Music
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Volume 1
Jewish Voices in the New World
The Song of Prayer in Colonial and 19th-Century America
Volume 2
A Garden Eastward
Sephardi and Near Eastern Inspiration
Volume 3
Traditional and Contemporary Synagogue Services
Volume 4
Cycle of Life in Synagogue and Home
Prayers and Celebrations Throughout the Jewish Year
Volume 5
The Classical Klezmer
Rebirth of a Folk Tradition
Volume 6
Echoes of Ecstasy
Hassidic Inspiration
Volume 7
Masterworks of Prayer
Art in Worship
Volume 8
Sing Unto Zion!
In Praise of a Jewish National Home
Volume 9
The Art of Jewish Song
Yiddish and Hebrew
Volume 10
Intimate Voices
Solo and Ensemble Music of Jewish Spirit
Volume 11
Symphonic Visions
Orchestral Works of Jewish Spirit
Volume 12
Legend of Toil and Celebration
Songs of Solidarity, Social Awareness, and Yiddish Americana
Volume 13
Great Songs of the American Yiddish Stage
Yiddish Theater, Vaudeville, Radio, and Film
Volume 14
Golden Voices in the Golden Land
The Great Age of Cantorial Art in America
Volume 15
Swing His Praises
Jazz, Blues, and Rock in the Service of God
Volume 16
Heroes and Heroines
Jewish Opera
Volume 17
Odes and Epics
Dramatic Music of Jewish Experience
Volume 18
Psalms and Canticles
Jewish Choral Art in America
Volume 19
Out of the Whirlwind
Musical Reflections of the Holocaust
Volume 20
A Celebration of Youth