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Yehudi Wyner: Reflections on Lazar Weiner, Part 1
February 20th, 1998

Length: 21:32

Genre: Oral History

Credit: Milken Family Foundation


Consciously or not, most sons strive to live up to their fathers' expectations. They seek their approval as youngsters and, often, as adults as well. In this excerpt from the Milken Archive's oral history and interview session with composer Yehudi Wyner, he reflects on what it was like to grow up in the heady world of his father, Lazar Weiner, and the circle of Jewish composers and musicians to which he belonged. Learn more about this Pulitzer Prize-winning composer's formative years as the progeny of the undisputed icon of the classical Yiddish art song and a respected figure among the Jewish music intelligentsia of the 20th century. Note: This recording has been lightly edited to enhance public access.

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